Photos of Mural Site

Views of proposed mural site, including approaches, surrounding area, and inspiration pieces.

perspective due east
Straight on perspective, proposed mural area, view from due west.
looking north-east
Proposed mural area, view from south-west.
Proposed mural area, view from north-west, line of trees obscures ground level view.
Proposed mural area, view from south-west, ground level.
Ground level showing varying base height, view from middle of site looking south-east.
View from park area immediately north of site, looking south.
View from park north and east of site, looking south-west.
View of Chinese Multicultural Centre through site, from park north of site, looking south-west. Lamp in foreground provides possible design cues.
Park north of proposed mural site, looking due north, provides possible design cues.
Pathway leading toward site, in park north of proposed site, fence features provide possible design cues.
Stonework at building north-east of site, possible design cues.


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