Mel’s Rumble House Goose

goose painting for Melanie Richard began at Rumble House
Acrylic on masonite, 12″ x 12″

Mel, who’d introduced me to the Rumble House, painting events a month or so earlier, had a great photo of a goose on her phone. She agreed to let me use it for reference. Messed around so long laying in the background that this painting had to be finished at home.

It worked out, and I gave Mel the completed painting.

goose painting, laying in the groundgoose painting is coming together

A drop sheet over an old Ikea shelf is a pretty fancy studio space.

Sharp-eyed readers may note that those tubes of paint are watercolours, rather than acrylics. I like watercolours for the pigments, and mix in polymer medium. This gives me the option of using the paint as either watercolour or as acrylic.