Betty’s Brushes Part 2

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Betty’s Brushes

video tutorials and overviews, part 2

Continuing the videos for Anna-Marie that illustrate some different perspectives on the goat hair water brushes. Complete playlist is also on youTube.

Betty’s Brushes Playlist

the smaller the brush, the more delicate… when you hold something small, tiny, when you hold a baby’s hand you feel it is so delicate, you do it softly


A deeper look into brush types. By the way, she sells that cool reusable Magic Paper on Etsy.


Actual Demos

Here is how a goat hair brush is used. The extreme carrying capacity is optimal for gradients. A skilled user will load from both the tip and the base of the brush, with one colour on the tip and one colour in the base.

Although this is not a water brush, you will immediately see how a water brush with a reservoir becomes useful here. You can keep feeding fresh water from the reservoir into the base of the brush while picking up colour with the tip. Or you could feed a tint from the reservoir.

Another demo of a classic application of these large brushes. She is painting with red while wearing a white jacket. That is some serious confidence.

A one colour demo of a way to use the brushes. Still a classic technique.

Here is a quick one colour demo where control of the brush allows for gradients within the stroke. This is the way I saw lots of people paint when I was a kid. It is part of the Mustard Seed Garden method that dates back several centuries.

And now a colour demo using some Western methods to reproduce Asian style. She is using a mix of airbrush colour, ink, and watercolour.

There are lots more videos on youTube. These should get you started. If you watch the Betty’s Brushes Playlist in your youTube app, it will map your views and suggest similar videos for you.


One More Sample

Trying out the 4 mm nylon brush with Platinum Aqua Blue on sketch paper. Goes from 0.5 mm to 4.0 mm with nice spring. Will post samples using the goat hair brushes when they are ready.

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