Mel’s Rumble House Goose

Watercolour in acrylic medium at Rumble House with Melanie, who’d introduced me to the Rumble events a month or so earlier. She had a great photo on her phone, and agreed to let me use it for reference. Messed around so long laying in the background that this painting had to be finished at home. A drop sheet over an old Ikea shelf is a pretty fancy studio space.

It worked out, and I gave Mel the completed painting.


Tea and Macarons

There is a wonderful loose leaf tea shop just outside downtown Calgary called The Naked Leaf. They print unique tea tin labels featuring local artists, and this painting was one of those.

A bit of colour was added to the original macarons, which were grey. Hibiscus peach tea really is this bright and colourful. It is a circus flavour, but I like it.


Derek Mah Illustration Politics Hot Jim Prentice Lil Devil
Jim Prentice L’il Devil

Debated including this 2015 provincial election cartoon. Jim Prentice’s background in federal politics and banking made him an easy target for disenfranchised voters, but my experience was that he was a gracious individual who fell victim to gravy-train loyalty when Alberta’s economy sank with the price of oil. It wasn’t his first rodeo, and he understood the game. I like to think he laughed when he saw this.

The social media items below were part of a rallying call for strategic voting. They appear on the surface to be digs at the Alberta PCs (blue), but my personal target was the Alberta Liberals. The party had sunk so low in recent decades as to be irrelevant on a provincial level, and I reflected that with the smattering of reds compared to the collection of green and orange that handily outweighed the blue.